Friday, May 4, 2007

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1) 22 Times All American Swim Team
2) 3 Times All American Water Polo Team
3) National Record holder: High School 100yard backstroke and 150 yard Individual.
4) 1st High School swimmer in the world, to break the 1 minute barrier in the 100 yard backstroke.
5) The Examiner Award MVP in Southern California, Football 1950
6) Member of the 1st United States Lifesaving Association Team to Melbourne Australia, 1956
(Above: Brought the 1st Malibu Balsa Surfboard, introducing it to Australia 1956)
7) Placed 3rd in the International 1956 International Surf Championships, in the Belt Race.
8) Founder of the National Surf Lifesaving Association of America, 1964 (The Presently known United States Lifesaving association of America.)...becoming its 1st President. 1st person to Tour the eastern seaboard to promote a National Lifeguard Association, 1968.
9) Manager of the 1967 National Team, Australian/ New Zealand tour.
10) USLA Master Champion, 12 Times: Master Iron Man, Swim, Paddle, Rescue Race events. National Dorymens Association Champion,
11) Chief Lifeguard L.A. County Dept. of Beaches.
12) 1st certified L.A. County Diving Scuba instructor. Member of the Depts. Underwater Recovery Unit.
13) Certified United States Coast Guard operator License: Rescue Boat operator.
14) Policy achievements: Established the 1st lifeguard paramedic program, Hyperbaric Chamber lifeguard certification program, developed the “prevention first concept”, Instrumental in the
Consolidation of the major Lifeguard agencies into one agency, the Los Angeles County, Dept of Beaches, Lifeguard Division. and as Union representative, labored for the Safety Series retirement act, for L.A. County Lifeguards, instrumental in the affirmative action committee of L.A. County to “mandate woman’s rights to take the Beach Lifeguard Test”…subsequently led to the acceptance of girls partaking in the junior lifeguard programs, that the County of los Angeles, Beach Dept., conducted.
15) Internationally: Holder of the Australian Bronze Medallion, Canadian and Royal Lifesaving Instructors Certificate, New Zealand Instructors Certification and the American Red Cross Instructors Certification, first aid and water Safety.
16) Founder of the “Club Tortuga”, USLA, Mexican Water Safety Development project. Within in this project, the first Water Safety Spanish Manual was translate into Spanish from the USLA manual, created a video, depicting the issues throughout Mexico, and coordinated on site training and political intervention on behalf of Mexican Lifeguards. 1986 until the present.
17) Master Division; Inter Mountain Downhill Champion, 1981.
18) Designed and produced the revolutionary “Burnside Rescue Can”...from a new rotational molding process, which replaced all the metal rescue cans International, and is the standard still used today.
19) Grand Champion World Body Surfing 1989, Master Division 13 years consecution Division winner in his age Divisions.
20) Other: Love for animals, poetry, skiing, swimming, and his family and friends above all.


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